Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SF Sword Show

Greetings again gentle readers or sword derelicts (you know who you are). I apologize for keeping you waiting for my latest blog. I just got back from a month long bender and I've got a nasty infestation of pesky giant spiders and pink elephants to deal with. They can wait for awhile. Let me tell you about the San Francisco Sword show.

Walter and I had a dealers table near the front door. 1) Had a GREAT time! 2) Did not sell much 3) Spent too much money. Most of the usual suspects showed up. It is always fun to see how grey and fat everyone is getting. Unfortunately the hotel hosting the event was undergoing renovations and the bar area was shut down which put a damper on the social hours after the show closed. I was a bit bummed by this as I really look forward to tipping a few with the other dealers and listening to sea stories about the juyo that got away etc.

The show seemed well attended by the public but most of the money that changed hands looked to me to be between the dealers. There were many tables filled with the normal assortment of fantastically beautiful and overpriced (everything is overpriced when you have no dough) samurai related arms, art and armor. It drives me nuts to walk around the room. I have to carry a spit cup to catch my drool. When I get home I realize my collection is crap. Depressing. It was good to get out of the Phoenix heat for a few days though.

Well that about sums it up. I'll be there next year. Looking forward to the Tampa show. Aloha, TTFN, AMF

Remember, If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you are reading it in English thank a soldier.

Work like you don't need the money

Dance like no one is watching

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Al san for that report. Maybe I can make next years.