Sunday, March 30, 2008

Japanese food might give you

I've heard it said that good things come in pairs and I've got a pair that are nice and pointy and do an old collectors heart good... and no this time we're not talking about anything to do with anatomy. I'm thrilled to be able to showcase 2 wonderful blades by Gassan Sadakatsu!!! A big one, and little one . The first is quintessential Gassan. Spectacular 26 3/4 inches. Perfect ayasugi hada. Fresh polish. The second only 6 7/10 inches but an absolute gem. Just remember that old saying, "It's not the size of the Gassan that counts it's what's carved in it."  On one side there is dragon in deep relief and the other there is a perfect ken sword. Made in rare kiriha style, it features exquisite horimono by Sadakatsu himself. You've gotta come to and check these out. Just frickin beautiful!!!

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