Thursday, March 15, 2007

Holy @#$&)% Batman! Valley of the Sun Samurai VS the Straw Army

Well gentle readers, here is my first attempt at a blog. I do want to acknowledge up front that I am fully aware no one really gives a rats patootie what I think or have to say. That being said let's get on with the show.

Recently the Local Samurai got together over at the local dojo to play with their swords (in a manly way), eat good food and down a few beers because nothing goes together better than alcohol and wickedly sharp objects (that's just my opinion, I could be wrong). Things were progressing predictably when out of no where the party was crashed by an evil army of surly straw mats wrapped tightly around thick bamboo poles. Not ones to back away from a challenge our heroes girded their loins for battle and waded into the fray with swords swinging! It was mano a matto (not bad eh?)! The carnage was terrible and it was touch and go for awhile but fortified by liberal quantities of Budweiser, the Ronin of the Valley of the Sun prevailed and sent the mats into a rout, eventually cutting every last one down.

When it was all said and done, a good time was had by all (except the mats).

I am including some pictures of this epic confrontation as a documentation of history and as a warning to any other mats who might be foolish enough to challenge our flashing steel. I must alert the faint of heart, it is not a pretty sight. If you are disturbed by the thought of a room littered with the bodies of bisected mats, straw scattered everywhere and splinters of bamboo flying through the air you should go no further or avert your eyes.

This is a picture of Samurai Rafael dispatching a particularly nasty mat with a good clean cut. Can you tell by the look in his eyes that he just got married?

Some of the mats flew at our soldiers as last ditch suicide Kamikazes. Here is a picture of Samurai Rick cutting one down in mid air!

Here is another picture of Samurai Rick after taking care of the biggest, baddest mat of them all. Notice the piles of bodies at his feet.

Samurai Jessie got his share of trophies.

Here is Samurai Walter preparing for war. Lookin Good!

Samurai Ralph doing his part.

Samurai Kirk racking up some style points.

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Anonymous said...

Just to say I enjoyed your Samurai rendering of Bamboo and mats:-)).Also to
say that three of your small images were not there though the large ones were. It is pleasant to see people who do not take themsselves too seriously.
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