Monday, June 14, 2010

Sabaku Samurai's Famous Ken and the BEST Japanese Sword book EVER!

Greetings to all faithful followers of Sabaku Samurai's Blog. I have two very significant bits of information to pass on to you.  First, get a life. Second, the Sabaku Samurai has received an important communication from Max Roach Sensei about his new book coming out. If you are a regular reader of the blog then you will remember that Max is authoring a wonderful book on Nihonto and asked if he could feature some pictures of Sabaku Samurai's unusual Ken sword in it (click HERE to see my blog dated Feb 8, 2010 for the complete story and book description as well as pictures of the famous Ken). After much arm twisting and begging we relented and agreed. OK, actually we were thrilled and spent most of the day dancing jigs (be glad you were not around to see this). Given the high quality of the publication, impeccable research, unbelievable number of experts behind it, and Max's exquisite taste in Kens, this was a no-brainer. Max promised to update us on the book's progress and here is his latest.

"Hello there Sabaku Samurai people! -Max Roach here. I am glad to see some buzz about the book. Here is an update for you: The DVD materials are all assembled and going to production soon. The main feature, entitled "Forging the Future of the Japanese Sword" was made by Danial Schmidt, who recently won an Emmy for his work in making documentaries... Beautiful footage that all sword nuts will love. The layout is all done, after several go-rounds with the designers in Singapore. The final copy edit is the last step before it is approved. My editor at Tuttle is awesome and I look forward to holding the book in my hands. Until then, I will take my kids fishing and race motorcycles. Oh, I almost forgot... You can see a sneak peek of some of the page layouts on my website: Feel free to contact me with questions."

There you have it. Go to his site and check it out and pray that Max doesn't OFF himself on a motorcycle before the book is finished! If you look close you will catch a glimpse of the Ken in his preview. My mom would be so proud! (if I had not already humiliated her to death, God rest her soul). The Sabaku Samurai will now make like a Ninja and vanish. Pop! Am I still here? Damn! I never could get that to work.

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