Monday, August 22, 2016


Greetings once again from the Nihonto Netherworld.  Here's a quick report on the Japanese sword show last week in San Francisco.  The show got off to a slow start as the dealers could not get access to the show room to set up until late Friday afternoon. Once setup was complete and the show open to the public things went along nicely.  Most of the usual suspects turned up and all the tables were occupied.  As always there was a dazzling array of treasures for sale ranging from rusty WWII showatos to eye watering Juyo blades a thousand years old and going for several hundred thousand dollars.  Most of the money changing hands was between the dealers which is par for the course.  Saturday saw a pretty good attendance by the general public and there were demonstrations in sword etiquette and displays of important sword fittings.  Here are a few pictures of the show floor and Sabaku Samurai's table.
Bottom line, had a great time, drank too much (so what else is new), sold a few things, told tall tales with some OLD sword buddies and got out of the Phoenix heat for a few days.  Am I going back next year?  YOU BETCHA!  Be sure to check out our website

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