Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kotetsu or not Kotetsu...an answer...maybe sort of

Greetings all you wakizashi wielding wackos. Well, if you have read my previous blog you know all about the the intriguing saga of Sabaku Samurai's Kotetsu. In our last episode we were waiting with baited breath (yuck! maybe some Listerine?) for word from Japan giving expert opinion on the authenticity of the Kotetsu and whether or not it should be submitted for shinsa. Here is what we got. Our expert says the signature looks genuine to him but that the blade's tempering is not correct for Kotetsu. The hada and jigane are correct the signature is good but the temper is different enough that in his opinion it probably would not pass Hozon shinsa. Since the signature looks to be genuine it was suggested that I get the blade Xrayed to see if the nakago was welded on. Based on this opinion I have decided not to submit the blade for shinsa and save the money. The tale of Sabaku Kotetsu is closed.................for now.

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